Early Matagorda memories: Havards, Rymans

Matagorda County genweb: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txmatago/
This early scene of Matagorda shows many of the early buildings, including Christ Episcopal Church, the first Episcopal church in Texas

 EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second part of the story about early Matagorda settlers.
   This history is from a Matagorda County Historical Association tape made in 1982 at the home of Geraldyne Havard in Matagorda.
   She talked about the house, its occupants, the Ryman family and the history that is involved with their comings and goings.
   Eve Bond conducted the interview that’s found on the Matagorda County genweb: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txmatago/.
(Last week’s article ended with telling how Geralyne Havard’s Grandma Williams was with the family when they moved into the new (1903) Ryman-Havard house Matagorda.)
Part 2 
   Grandma Williams was not an invalid exactly, she could get out of bed but she could not come down the stairs for her meals so from the kitchen up to her bedroom there was a little back stairs built and this was so the servants could take the meals up to her.
   You know people took care of their own in those days perhaps one reason because there wasn’t any other place for old people, or sick people to go. But I have an idea they would have done it anyway.
   They wanted to take care of their own. And so there were many people who lived in this house.
   Johnny, my grandmother’s brother, the cowboy, with his two sons lived here for a number of years. This was after the wife and mother ran off with another man.
   Then Grandma raised another nephew, at least he lived here a part of the time until he was older and able to take care of himself, and that was the Willie Allen that we spoke of, the crippled boy.
   Two nieces were reared here. One was grandma’s niece who was orphaned when she was ten years old. And the other was my grandfather’s niece who was orphaned by the 1900 Galveston storm.
   Grandma’s niece was Winnie Williams, Grandma’s brother’s child, his name was Henry Williams and they lived in Palacios. Her father died before she was born and she was ten when her mother died.

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