Clemville always tied to oil, gas industry

Courtesy Matagorda County Museum
Clemville, when it was known as Hardy in the oil town’s early day. Hardy became Clemville in 1911..

   There are several modern, bustling oil- and gas-related outfits on view when anyone drives through the Clemville area - roughly where FM 1468 crosses the Tres Palacios River about five miles northwest of Markham.
   There’s a town sign marking the area as Clemville, but little on the residential or retail side indicate anything but a typical oil patch industrial site.
   But Clemville began in the early 20th Century as an early version of what the area became today.
   It was founded because of oil.
   The difference between then and now is there once was a fledgling Texas town with churches, schools, a general store and machine shops.
   Henry Parker, an early colonist, received a league in the Clemville area April 5, 1833. The league was comprised of 4,428 acres.
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