Siringo: Cowboy, private detective, novelist

Photo courtesy of Donald Harvey and Betty Rusk/
Charles A. "Charlie" Siringo in front of the Hotel Palacios on his 1913 trip to Matagorda County. The horses were Rowdy and Pat and the Irish Wolfhound, Eat 'Em up Jake.

   A native son who brought recognition to Matagorda County through his adventures and writings was well-known cowboy-detective, Charles Angelo Siringo.  
   He was born Feb. 7, 1855, on the Matagorda Peninsula to Antonio and Bridget White Siringo, who had married in Matagorda on Oct. 12, 1852. 
   At the age of 12 he was “drafted” into the life of a cowboy when he got a job working for Mr. Faldien near Boggy. 
   His father, a native of Sicily, had died when he was a year old, and on August 15, 1867, his mother married William Carrier in Matagorda.  
   The family sold their property in Matagorda to go north where Mr. Carrier was supposed to have property.  
   After spending all of the family’s money, Mr. Carrier deserted them.
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