Citrus Grover's oranges helped lure Midwest farmers

Photo courtesy of R. Linn Ready/
Yeamans & Sons Drug Good Goceries & Furniture in Citrus Grove’s early years.

   In April, 1908, A.B. Pierce of Blessing contracted with the Burton D. Hurd Land Development Company to sell land in the Ace of Clubs Ranch situated in southern Matagorda County, bounded by the Colorado River on the east and Matagorda and Tres Palacios bays on the south and west.  
   A town was laid out in 1908 and named Satsuma as orange groves were used as a lure to entice farmers from Kansas, Nebraska, and other midwestern states.  
   The name, however, was changed to Citrus Grove since another post office was using the name Satsuma. 
   Land agents were employed in towns all over the target area, using the mild winters and rich soil, where anything would grow - especially citrus fruit - as enticements.  
   Large numbers of “landseekers” came on excursion trains that were met by surreys, hacks and wagons to take the buyers to see the land for sale. 
   Frank King was ranch manager for the Ace of Clubs Ranch with headquarters near the bay.  
   When the first settlers arrived in 1909, the Pierce cattle were running wild, but were soon corralled.  
   The farmers built temporary shelters until more comfortable homes could be built. 
   The early history of Citrus Grove is best told with the schools, churches, industries and community affairs. 
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