"Put faith in God when expecting the worst" by: Betsy Monico

   I had a few minutes one night this week and decided to leave the Sandlots and go for a run around the high school. 
   I pretended like I was Forest Gump and just took off running. 
   It was smooth sailing until I decided to cut through by the soccer fields. 
   It was muddy and uneven. I left like I was hiking and needed to trade in my running shoes for some off-road style hiking boots.  
   I slowed down to a cautious speed. I did not want fall. 
   I had a game to get to and the last thing I needed was to be covered in mud. 
   Ther were also soccer players working hard on the fields and I refused to have an embarrassing spill in front of them. I imagined it all in my head…it was not pretty!
   My adventure got even more exciting when I spotted a scruffy little black dog up in front of me. 
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