"Blessings to unspoken heroes helping Texas flood victims" by: Rosario Resendez

   It seems like we have been having a lot of bad weather lately.  
   For the longest I can remember, Texas always seems to be going through a drought.  
   This year all the flood waters seems to be unleashed on us. 
   It is scary to see how much damage water can do to houses and people’s property.  
   It is also scary to see all the animals that show up in different locations where they don’t belong.  
   I saw in an article that there was an alligator in a parking garage.  
   My biggest fear of course are the snakes that show up all over the place which is what I don’t like at all. 
   I see that a lot of people seem to try to make light of all the tragedy and get a laugh out of people.  
   I’ve seen pictures on Facebook showing a shark swimming by a truck on a highway supposedly in Houston.  
   My friend told me today how she saw a picture of an octopus stranded on a fence post in who knows where.  
   I saw another picture of a  cow bursting through the water with a dolphin.  
   All these pictures do bring a smile to one’s face because we prefer to see that than to see the actual damage that the flood is actually causing. 

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