"Think of the Lord's faithfulness when doubt arises" by: Betsy Monico

    The end of the school year is so close. My family is struggling!  
   It is hard to go to bed and it is even harder to get up. 
   We are ready for summer. We should already be in bed by now and one of my kids is standing here at the bar begging me to find him a needle and thread so he can repair “Donkey.”  
   An old donkey just reappeared from the good old Shrek days and it is in need of repair…so random!  
   He is worried about stuffing donkey with cotton balls to puff him back up, but does not have a clue where his backpack is for tomorrow or have his sack lunch packed.
   Life right now is just crazy.  
   Geez, I just heard him and now he is asking his Dad if he knows where a needle and thread is.  
   That has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard because my husband is a team player for sure, but he does not know where the sewing supplies are.  
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