"Alesson from rain: Let God wash away your debris" by: Betsy Monico

   We are still seeing effects of the rain around here.  
   Our gate up front has not worked properly since the last thunderstorm.  
   I do not really know if the weather actually has anything to do with it or not, but I say it does just attempting to draw a somewhat logical conclusion for why it goes berserk.  
   One day a few weeks ago I had to park outside of the gate and walk home because the gate would not open.  
   It was the first sunny day in forever so I did not mind. I was looking forward to my stroll in the country.  
   Step one was to cross the cattle guard.  
   Step two was to climb over the gate then mosey on home down our white rock road.  
   My adventure was abruptly halted when I saw something move underneath the cattle guard.  
   It was a snake. I am not sure if my heart rate has returned to normal yet.  
   I did what any smart country girl would do. I got right back in my Accord, put it in reverse, and headed back to town.  
   The housework I needed to do had to wait!  
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