"Giving advice I didn't follow" by: Mike Reddell

   I have sage advice for our county’s recent graduates: Listen more and lighten up. 
   That’s it. Lecture over. Have a good time with your life. 
   Well, maybe there’s more to the story than that. 
   Since I’m a member of the older generation, I feel obliged to share advice I didn’t follow. 
   But I sure wish I had listened better at 18 and I wish my sons had paid more attention to what I told them when they were 18. 
   Instead, we all took the clichéd road less traveled – several times. 
   Of course, there was a reason that road is less traveled - it ends up with deep ruts, some sections without any trail at all and a few bridges out. 
   I guess the jury is still out on rejecting one piece of my father’s advice. 
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