"How good economic news can be interpreted as bad" by: John Sample

hough summer does not officially arrive for a couple of weeks, it is on for me. 
   I will be spending my week with my grandson at golf camp.  
   It should prove interesting as he is very young and his attention span is that of a gnat. 
   Pappa Juan’s patience will be sorely tested. It may be the same for all you investors this summer. 
   Last Friday the good news was bad news.  
   I am always amazed how good economic news is interpreted negatively among analysts.  
   The theory Friday was that, in fact for that day, the US economy is growing faster than expected forcing the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. 
   The theory being that rising interest rates send stocks south.  
   An improving economy though is essential to earnings growth.  
   The missing point is not that rising interest rates are a problem, but how high interest rates rise.  
   Moreover, it is how fast rates rise. 

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