"Long-ago bad dream teaches keeping faith in the Lord" by: Rosario Resendez

   EDITOR’S NOTE: Rosario’s plate is extremely full presently so a column was not possible this week. I chose to rerun a column she wrote in January that I felt was meaningful.
    When I was a young girl I had a very vivid dream. 
   It was so vivid and terrifying that I still remember everything about it as if I had just dreamt this dream last night. 
   In this dream I was walking through darkness, but I wasn’t afraid.  
   I looked in front of me and I saw Jesus looking at me and smiling, He reached out to me as if to beckon me to come to Him. 
   I began walking toward him happy, He wasn’t very far away but as I neared Him I heard a sound behind me.   
   I turned around and saw a huge multitude of hideous creatures rushing toward me.  
   I looked back at Jesus this time afraid at what I had just seen behind me and realized that now he was really far away. 
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