Valedictorian's honesty draws standing ovation

Sentinel photo/Jessica Shepard
After recieving their diplomas, members of the Bay City High School graduating Class of 2015 file out of their seats to head to the west end of the field for the traditional mortarboard toss.

   Bay City High School’s Class of 2015’s valedictorian Mackenzie Parker addressed fellow students and their friends and families with complete honesty during graduation proceedings. 
   “The hardest part of any task is the beginning,” she said. 
   “Starting something is almost always more daunting than finishing it.
   “This speech, for example, caused me weeks of stress as I couldn’t decide how to begin.” 
   Her introduction went smoothly after admitting that out loud. 
   She voiced her appreciation for her family, friend and teachers. 
   “Thank you for being who you are, for encouraging me, motivating me, laughing with me and laughing at me,” said Parker. 
   Her last words earned her a standing ovation on and off the field. 
   “I wish to leave the class of 2015 with a question,” she said. 
   “C.S. Lewis once said, ‘We are what we believe we are.’ Who will we be?” 

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