"Correction could offer opportunity" by: John Sample

   This weekend brought news of a failure in the negotiations over a solution to the Greek debt crisis. 
   As a consequence the current pull back in the various stock indexes will continue as markets cannot stand uncertainty. 
   It did not help a bit that the long argued Trade Pact went down to defeat in Washington. 
   The potential rise in the value of the dollar against all other currencies will continue to make it harder for US companies to compete. One can only expect that we may be closer to a correction than we have thought.
   Never forget that a correction is not the end of the world. 
   Actually, a correction for me is a real opportunity. 
   Value investors come alive when markets correct as they start sifting through the wreckage to find the overly punished. 
   It is really an opportunity to find long-term investments. 
   For those trend traders, a correction can really cause distress unless one is willing to trade short. 
   Most investors follow the trend up, but find it much harder to turn to shorting a falling market. 
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