Council favors scrapping permits for garage sales

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
City Secretary Rhonda Clegg, left, gives the oath of office to city council members, from left: Carolyn Thames, Steven Johnson and Chrystal Folse at council’s regular meeting June 11.

   City council indicated last week it favored allowing residents to hold garage sales as often they like and plans to officially scrap the present ordinance limiting such sales at its next meeting June 25.
   Council discussed the garage sale ordinance at its June 11 meeting, when it also elected council member Julie Estlinbaum as mayor pro-tem and Chrystal Folse, Carolyn Thames and Steven Johnson – all of whom won the May 9 council races - were sworn in to new two-year council terms.
   The present garage sale law requires people to get a permit and limits them to one sale every six months. 
   There is no code enforcement of garage sales, Mayor Mark Bricker noted, and suggested setting a date every quarter to hold garage sales.
   That way Bay City garage sales could be marketed like other communities that have citywide sales.
   “And it would make it (the sales) a lot easier to enforce,” the mayor said. 
   “I don’t want garage sales operating as a business in a home,” he added.
   “I don’t have a problem with doing away with the permit. I have a problem telling people when (they can hold garage sales),” said Thames.
   “If there is no problem, then why fix it?” asked Folse.
   Johnson said police could act on the code enforcement of garage sales, but Folse said, “They’re not enforcing it.”
   Thames said she has received no complaints about garage sales.
   City Secretary Rhonda Clegg told council that city staff routinely hears from residents who say their neighbors frequently have garage sales, creating a regular traffic problem on residential streets.

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