"God always with you, even when times are bad" by: Betsy Monico

Today was one of those days that you just have to love! 
   My driver’s ed student was cruising cautiously on Texas 75 just south of Streetman when she nailed her first armadillo.  
   I have taught her not to swerve if something comes out in front of her, but to reduce her speed, keep her hands on the wheel, and hit it if necessary.  
   I have not shared with her that I usually close my eyes right before I make contact with whatever is in my way and scream.  
   I will keep that personal tip of mine to myself. 
   When she flipped the armadillo, we laughed so hard.  
   I do not know why we would laugh at the loss of life, but we totally lost it!  
   All she could say between the laughter was “You told me never to swerve.” 
   That is true! She followed my instructions.  
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