"Speaking of water" by: Mike reddell

   I’m writing this as the rain from Tropical Bill is falling here just south of Bay City.
   I mention my location here because I’ve learned that the rain could be falling in one part of Bay City and nary a drop in another part of the city.
   This column isn’t about the storm, but it is about water.
   Once Bill has passed us – and hopefully dumped some rain on the Colorado River north of the Highland reservoirs – summer will return and lots of people in Matagorda, Wharton and Colorado counties will resume their thoughts about future water supplies.
   I’ve now met a lot of those folks through two Tri-County water summits – the most recent at Prasek’s in Hillje last week.
   Former Eagle Lake state rep. Robbie Cook updated the summit crowd on water-related legislation that passed – mostly our lower basin fared well this session – and he touched on some proposed laws that would have been doozies, scientific speaking. 
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