"There is no expiration date on Jesus' goodness" by: Betsey Monico

   The fair ended for us yesterday when we packed up, said goodbye to our lambs, and headed home.  
   I make that sound so easy. It is quite a task because of all of the junk we carry up there.  
   It was such a good week.  
   We had good weather, good food, and a good time.  
   If I was asked to write a “Top 10 World’s Greatest Fair List” my No. 1 would be the time I get to spend with people.  
   It is a family affair with cousins, parents, and everyone involved.  
   My “golden” friends usually keep tradition in check and gather up at the Emmons camp.   
   We swing and catch up.  
   We have been swinging there as long as I can remember.  
   We laughed this year about the old days when we all slept on the floor.  
   There were sleeping bags and girls lined up tight.  
   Oh, the good old days of show boxes, show sticks, and scooping poop.  
   They really were good!
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