"Greece's debt troubles adds to wall of worries" by: John Sample

   It does appear that the Greek crisis will find some finality this week. 
   It does appear that Greece may have to leave the EU, but I am one that believes that will not happen.
   You only had to see the long lines at closed banks over the weekend. 
   Greece can complain and want to walk away from its debt, but the rest of Europe is not going to let that happen. 
   This is the problem when you borrow with no concern.
   There is always a day of reckoning. The problem is that politicians only care about being elected and the public pays for kicking the can down the road.
   The doom and gloom sent the market down last week by a small margin and started the market down early this week. 
   It is definitely adding to the wall of worry. 
   The problems are not isolated in Greece. 
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