Barker reviws 2014 review of Bay City police

Bay City burglaries and domestic violence cases are down, but assaults are up, Police Chief Roger Barker recently told city council in a year-end report from the Bay City Police Department. 
   “Burglaries went down, I’m pleased with that,” Barker said of the drop in burglaries from 212 in 2013 to 171 in 2014. 
   “A pretty-good-sized juvenile ring” that was broken up contributed to the decrease in burglaries, the chief said. 
   In a question from city council member Bill Cornman about department turnover, Barker said, “it actually has gotten better. We’re fully staffed now.” 
   “You’re doing a good job,” Cornman said. 
   “Keep doing what you’re doing,” Mayor Mark Bricker told the chief. 
   In other comparisons between 2013 and 2014, sexual assaults went to 27 to 23, robberies were up five to 13, thefts rose from 485 to 540, auto thefts went up from eight to 15 and arson, from two to five cases. 
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