Chinquapin still a remote corner of Matagorda County

Chinquapin today, as always, a remote fishing village.

 Chinquapin is on an unpaved road on Live Oak Bayou just north of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and East Matagorda Bay, east of the Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuge, and 18 miles southeast of Bay City in southeastern Matagorda County.    
   It is surrounded by swampland. 
   It and nearby Chinquapin Bayou were probably named for a type of tree in the area. 
   The community, which has been in existence since at least the 1940s, was built on land that was once part of Bay Stock Farm, property owned by John J. LeTulle (a half brother of Victor Lawrence LeTulle). 
   At one time Chinquapin had grown to around 100 cabins. 
   In 1961 it was completely destroyed by Hurricane Carla; it gradually rebuilt, and by 1972 a landing strip and nineteen new dwellings had been added. 
   The community appeared on 1989 highway maps. 
   It is primarily a fishing village. 
   In 2000 the population was 30.
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