Librarian finds need to go beyond her usual job

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Librarian Andrea Savage keeps smiling despite Kim’s insistent manner.

   Most librarians wouldn’t consider running from and taken down by a police canine as part of their job. 
   Yet that’s precisely what librarian Andrea Savage did last week as part of Bay City Public Library’s Summer Program that featured Bay City K-9 police officer Keith Hatton and Kim.  
   Kim, Bay City Police Department K-9, is a 45-pound, highly trained Belgian shepherd who delighted 63 youngsters at the library Wednesday, July 1.  
   The week before, Savage had Bay City Animal Control Officer Dottie Grandstaff tell a similar-sized group of kids about different animals that inhabit our local world.  
   “I need a raise,” Savage said in a half-joking, half-anxious way, as Hatton fitted her in a 35-pound padded jacket behind the library with children and parents watching. 
   Several yards away, Kim also was watching, but not moving. The five-year-old dog, who is constantly with Hatton, waits for the officer’s signal. 
   Once Savage is suited up in the protective jacket she starts running and Hatton gives Kim the command to chase. Within seconds, the dog chomps down on a jacket sleeve and quickly twirls Savage around and to the ground. 
   Savage was a bit shaken in her role to demonstrate Kim’s prowess. 
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