Port authority directs firm to study new land options

   The Port of Bay City Authority has instructed its engineering firm to study options for the authority’s recent purchase of 42 acres east of Matagorda Harbor.
   The 42-acre section connects the harbor to the east with about 180 acres the authority owns that has been proposed for a barge terminal, said authority board chairman Mike Griffith.
   “We need to carefully study what all of our options are,” Griffith said of the two land parcels that now total about 220 acres that cover from the harbor to the Cook’s Camp development – south of South Gulf Road.
   The newly purchased 42 acres was permitted for residential development, Griffith said.
   So, the options for the acreage could include recreational uses, possible condo development and barge terminal space.
   “The engineering firm is looking at options,” Griffith said.
“We want to study this carefully, so we make a good decision.”
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