Hotel Blessing icon from town’s beginning
The side view of Hotel Blessing as it was under construction in 1906.

   Hotel Blessing is one of the oldest buildings remaining in Blessing and for many years has provided the community with a unique landmark because of its location adjoining the town square and on well-traveled FM 616, west of Texas 35.
   The hotel was built in 1906 by Jonathan Edwards Pierce. 
   The original blueprints drawn and signed by Jules Leffland were discovered in the attic of the historic Pierce home in Blessing in 2005. 
   In Leffland’s daybook it is listed as Plan No. 1082. 
   It was designed in an unusual expression of the Mission Revival style using an entirely wood facade instead adobe or plaster over brick.
   About 1906 the Blessing townsite was platted and subdivided.
   Thereafter, the hotel that Pierce built provided lodging for land seekers settling the region and traveling salesmen.
   It was the residence of J.E. Pierce until his death in 1915 and also of his son, Abel B. Pierce until completion of his Blessing residence in 1910. 
   Other members of the Pierce family resided in the hotel at various times. 
   The hotel was refinished and painted in the 1930s.  
   During World War II, wives and girlfriends of soldiers at Camp Hulen in Palacios would frequent the inn. 
   When Hotel Blessing opened December 1, 1907, G.H. Crandall from Wisconsin was the manager. 
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