Non-city residents paid taxes, but half on water, sewer

  City council discovered a different kind of loophole during a public hearing on annexing about 33 platted and reserve lots within the Live Oak Estates subdivision.
   Mayor Mark Bricker pointed out the annexation was proposed for an area served by city water and sewer lines.
   “We’re making the proper action to bring it in” the city, Bricker said.
   While the residents in the designated area avoided paying double the rates for city provided water and sewer service – as required of anyone living outside the city limits – they were paying city taxes, which people in unincorporated areas normally don’t pay.
   “I’ve been paying city taxes for nine years, but you’re saying I haven’t been in the city,” one resident remarked at the public hearing on the annexation.
   Bricker said people living outside the city limits pay double the water and sewer rates charged inside Bay City.
   “You haven’t been paying double rates, but you have been paying taxes,” council member Crystal Folse added. 
   Council member Steve Johnson told the man to bring documents showing he paid city taxes. 
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