Harry Clapp: Literary light for Collegeport, county

   Describing Harry Austin Clapp as a remarkable person may seem a reach considering all of the noteworthy people who have transcended Matagorda County history pages.
   But Clapp, who died at the age of 79 at his Palacios home in 1937, was an incredible column writer - not to mention Collegeport’s No. 1 booster in that community’s difficult early decades.
   During his life, Clapp was a traveller, explorer, engineer, writer, philosopher, real estate man and widely respected Holstein dairy cow breeder and seller.
   He pleaded with the state highway department to build a causeway linking Collegeport and Palacios - three miles apart on Tres Palacios Bay, but 35 miles on extremely rough roads overland - particularly since the state and federal governments were looking for projects to put people to work during the Great Depression.
   Clapp’s columns reflect the enormous affection for the still brand-new Collegeport community he adopted in 1909, after leaving his home state of Michigan.
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