Pollard: Unpaid retiree premiums were ‘inescusable’

It’s inexcusable for Matagorda County retired employees’ health insurance premiums to go unpaid, Precinct 2 Commissioner Kent Pollard told the commissioners court Monday.
   The premiums were paid after County Auditor Cathy Ezell informed County Treasurer Tammy McDonald that the March, May and June premiums went unpaid, the court learned at its regular meeting Monday, July 27.
   Ezell said in an interview later Monday that the missed payments were discovered in an internal financial review for the second quarter of 2015. 
   A random audit of every county department was part of that internal review Ezell explained to commissioners at their meeting.
   The retiree health insurance premiums were not included in the county payroll for those three months, commissioners were told.
    “I mean it’s just inexcusable,” Pollard said at the meeting. 
   “It can’t be that people are under the impression the premiums were paid and paid correctly and evidently they’re not,” the commissioner added.
   “I just don’t understand,” Pollard said.
  McDonald told Pollard that she paid the premiums as soon as learned of the mistake from Ezell.
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