Tenaris ups tax rolls by $100m

 The 2015 certified tax rolls for Matagorda County’s 24 taxing entities totaling $6.026 billion were recently released by the Matagorda County Appraisal District.
   That total is 2.92 percent higher than the 2014 certified roll total of $5.855 billion, a difference of about $170 million.
   “The county as a whole remained about neutral,” said Vince Maloney, MCAD chief appraiser.
   Overall, Maloney said oil and gas prices fell, and production continued to decline. “Residential was up a bit, probably due to an increase in demand and little new inventory,” he pointed out.
   “Commercial values were steady, being helped out by the increased demand for rental properties.”
   Industry values are on the rise, Maloney noted, with several expansions underway.
   “The biggest changes were with Tenaris hitting the rolls for the first time at about $100,000,000 and writing down the Tres Palacios gas caverns by about $95,000,000 because of the lower demand for gas storage.”
   “Those affect participating jurisdictions differently, based on their involvement with abatements or 313 agreements with the school,” the chief appraiser pointed out.
   Tenaris’ addition boosted Van Vleck Independent School District’s tax base from $620 million in 2014 to $711 million for 2015, a $90 million or 14.64 percent increase. 
   That represents the biggest jump in valuations among all of the county’s taxing entities.
   With the completion of the taxing jurisdiction’s certified rolls, it will be Matagorda County Assessor-Collector Cristyn Hallmark’s job to calculate the effective tax rate for each jurisdiction. 
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