Hasima also grew from railroad

   A townsite was laid off about five miles east of Allenhurst on the SLB&M in 1905, when the rail line was established. 
   The townsite on the Matagorda-Brazoria county line was given the unusual name of Hasima. Ha for Harry, Si for Simon and Ma for Marion which were the names of the three sons of the contractor who cleared the townsite. 
   The town never developed, but through the years a community developed along the road which today is called the "Hasima Road."
   A post office was ordered established at Hasima on August 1, 1908, and Wesley Hunefelt appointed postmaster. the order, however, was rescinded September 2, 1908.
   Seven grades were taught at the Hasima school in the 1920s. 
   Families by the name of Richardson, Sewell and Norman live along the Hasima Road.

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