"Final quarter generally has been positive" by: John Sample

   Last Friday was an amazing day in the equities market.  
   The jobs report came in much lower than expected and downward revisions to previous months didn’t help stave off investor fears.  
   The various equities indexes opened down over 2 percent.  
   A funny thing happened though as the Dow reversed an almost 300-point loss to push to a 200-point gain.  
   I mentioned previously that September historically has been a less than stellar month. 
   Moving into October and the last quarter of the year has been the opposite.  
   Too bad historically low drops in October in previous years have contributed to October being labeled as a down month. 
   Quite the contrary. 
   Part of the reason for positive moves in October is the very nature of most corporate accounting.  
   It is the beginning of the fiscal accounting year. 
   New budgets are set and money can be spent.  
   The final quarter in general has been very positive over the years. 

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