Hawley marker to recognize legendary Heffelfinger

This image is one of many trading cards of Pudge.

   EDITOR’S NOTE: The following story about football great Pudge Heffelfinger is the marker narrative by Carol Sue Gibbs for the state historical marker that will recognize this extraordinary man.
   Baseball is considered, “America’s Pastime,” but fall Friday nights in Texas and around the country have traditionally been reserved for high school football. 
   Entire communities turn out to cheer their teams on to victory and community rivalries have continued for decades.  
   College football games dominate the Saturdays in the fall and professional games are played on weekends and Monday nights. America loves football. 
   European Rugby made its way across the Atlantic and was played in the United States in the 1800s - primarily in the Ivy League schools.   
   The game of soccer had been played in the early 1800s in the major schools in England and after the Rugby School began playing a carrying game with the use of goal posts, the name of the new version of the game became Rugby. 
   The birth date of football in the United States is considered to be Nov. 6, 1869, when Rutgers and Princeton met for the first college football game.  
   The first teams had 20 players and few standard rules. The team size was later reduced to 15 and, due to the influence of Yale coach, Walter Camp, to the standard 11. 

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