"We can’t go back, so we must learn from mistakes" by: Rosario Resendez

   I have been learning how to crochet for over a year now.   
   I say that I’m still learning because there are some things that I have still yet to learn how to do.   
   I don’t know everything there is to know about the skill and there are some patterns that I look at that I have no idea what is being explained.  
   Still I like to crochet.   
   I never knew how relaxing it could be, after a hard day to be able to sit and be able to create something out of yarn.  
   Now there are times that I miss a stitch, and then I have to unravel a lot of what I have done and start over.   
   Those times are rather annoying and I get a little mad.   
   Okay, I get really mad and I have to put my project down for a bit and then cool down.   
   Then I pick it up and start on it again, I don’t stop until I have used up all the yarn that I had to unravel.   
   In the end I prefer to have found the mistake and fix it instead of completing the project and it look rather messed up.  
   Wouldn’t it be really great if we could do the same thing with our lives?   

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