City lifts forbidden types of signs

Animations and other moving images are now legal on commercial signs in Bay City. 
   In a unanimous vote Thursday, city council changed its sign ordinance as requested by councilman Steven Johnson. 
   The ordinance no longer prohibits electronic signs with moving characters and images – such as have been common for years in front of many area schools, banks, churches, government offices and businesses. 
   Councilman William Cornman was the only member absent for the vote.
   “Our code enforcement people were having a lot of trouble with this issue, and they came to me about it,” Johnson said. 
   “People were getting upset because they were installing these signs and didn’t know there was an ordinance against them.” 
   The prohibition against animated signs had been in place for at least three years, Johnson said, and several local establishments had taken advantage of a grandfather clause to keep their signs running. 

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