"Have patience: Let God take the lead" by: Betsy Monico

   My son and I just made our way to town a bit later than usual. He was invited to a casual evening out at Sonic. I agreed to one hour. 
    I loaded up the computer bag and knew that I could finish the column I had started earlier. I can turn anything into my own personal home office with a cup of coffee and a laptop. 
   That brings me to the present moment. I am in the parking lot of McDonalds with my seat scooted all of the way back and my laptop is leaning back on the steering wheel. 
   My windows are rolled down and other than an occasional diesel engine that roars by and the voices I can hear from Sonic, it is quiet. 
   On the way to town, we talked about light bars, trucks, Rangers, new phones, and all of the other usual topics that he likes. We live 10 miles from town. 
   I used to curse the distance, but now I love it. 
   I get to talk to my kids without very many distractions when we drive back and forth. It is a blessing! 
   Tonight our drive was more exciting than usual. 
   We are accustomed to deer and hogs in the road. I even know where their usual hangouts are, and I proceed with caution. 
   Tonight it was not our four-legged friends that alerted us, but an extra set of headlights got out attention. 
   From a distance, the number of headlights did not look right. 


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