"The Lord gave us a home we should care for" by: Sister Maria del Rosario Resendez

   Pope Francis’ newest encyclical is named Laudato Si which translates to Praise be to God.  
   We have been studying this encyclical since it came out and it is very interesting. 
   In it he tells us how important it is for us to take care of the environment.  
   God made us stewards of this world and it is all our responsibility to take care of it.  
   The pope encourages us to look after the world and remember that we are leaving it for future generations.  
   He wants us to take care of the earth because we respect it and also to care for it out of love. 
   We can remember during his visit to the United States he did mention the climate and the care for the earth.  
   I can say that after reading the encyclical I do try harder to recycle and to take my reusable cup with me places that I know will offer coffee or snacks for us to enjoy. 
   Then I read a book like Zoo by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.  
   Where the Pope tries to encourage us to take care of the environment out of love and respect; Mr. Patterson and Mr. Ledwidge tries to do so with fear. 
   While I was reading Zoo I couldn’t help but compare the encyclical and the story.  
   Take care of the environment now or there will be consequences in the future.  

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