"Enjoying my status as an ‘autumn person’" by: Jessica Shepard

   Beware the autumn people,” said Ray Bradbury, author of ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes.’
   Bradbury claims that they only exist in the months between September and December and “turn into dust” at the end of their season.
   Since my birthday falls during the last week of October, I identify as an ‘autumn’ person.
   Mostly because nothing feels as good as those three months before winter rears its head and summer fades.
   I’ve always loved fall – the changing leaves, pecans reaching maturity, cooler temperatures and longer nights.
   October gives me an excuse to embrace driving with the windows rolled down for fun rather than not having a working air conditioner in my car.
   The wind picks up and the scents of autumn fill the air.
   Sometimes it’s dusty, dry and itchy.
   Other times there’s rain on the wind and afterwards it’s soggy, dank and seeps into your bones.
   As I got older that was accompanied by bonfires and pumpkin spice everything.
   Autumn holds so many lasting memories of people that have left my life with funny stories in their wake.
   It is touted as the harvest before winter and the last counting of the grains of life.
   For me, it always rounds out a calmer time before the more stressful holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas.
   The first official day of autumn was in September, but, I only counted it in October.
   October brings foggy and misty mornings so thick you can’t even see the sunrise.
   October surprises you with a miserable heat in the afternoon, but doesn’t make you suffer overnight.
   It’s all about preparation for winter and the ensuing cold months.
   But, then again, this is Gulf Coast Texas.
   “Cold” is a relative term for our area, but, it seems like anything under 80 degrees is ideal.
   As an autumn person, the only other time of year I find being outside bearable is spring.
   But, that’s a different story.

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