"If God isn’t on your side, invite him in" by: Betsy Monico

   The Lord never ceases to amaze me! If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you know what I mean!     
   He also has a sense of humor.   
   Well, let me explain my current situation. I started my column last night, Sunday evening, just like usual.     
   It was about the need for rain and how everything, including me, needs a cleansing because my allergies are kicking! That was the plan until my alarm clock just went off. (It is now Monday morning at 5:10.)   
   I heard the alarm clock go off 20 minutes ago and only temporarily acknowledged it because I intended to press snooze.    
   When it sounded, I was super-duper confused. I was in my daughter’s room. I had only been in her bed for about 30 minutes. At 4:30, she was so sweet and kind (total sarcasm) to invite me to sleep with her.    
   I must have been really asleep because when the alarm clock went off, I could not find my way out of her room.   
   It is a tiny room, but I was lost! It was so dark! My eyes were open, I was using my hands to feel around, but I literally could not get out of her room.   

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