"Amen powerful tool in our faith" by: Caleb Gibson

   Have you ever wondered why we say amen after we pray? What does it really mean?   
   We yell it out when someone is preaching well. Maybe I’m alone, but I wonder these things.  
   I believe that it is extremely relevant to study this and discover the value of the amen.  
   The word amen comes from the Hebrew word, amen (אָמֵן).  
   This word is literarily a Hebrew word; meaning when we say it, we are speaking Hebrew.  
   The Strong’s concordance defines this word as meaning, “verily, truly, so be iti.”   
   When someone prays and we say, “amen” we are saying, “so be it.”  
   We are agreeing; it is one powerful tool to be used in our life.  
   The word amen comes from the Hebrew word, “aman.”   
   This is spelt with an, “a” instead of an, “e.” This Hebrew word means, “to support, confirmii.”  

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