"Life better when Lord is big, you are little" by: Betsy Monico

   I recently got some new glasses. My old ones were really just for driving at night, or so I thought they were. My prescription was a few years old.  
   By the time I finally got to the line on my to-do list that said “eye doctor”, I was really in need of a new set of spectacles.   
   When I put them on to test them out, it was amazing. I could see. Everything was clear!  
   I like seeing clearly so much that I rewrote “eye doctor” on my to-do list. I am going by to get another pair of glasses, and I may even shop for some contacts.  
   Something else this week was crystal clear to me.   
   I loved, operated, and breathed in the favor of the Lord all week long. If Jesus has ever blessed me and took care of my, He did last week!    
   I decreased, He increased, and it was a great week!  

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