"Look to Lord in choosing faith over fear" by: Sister Maria del Rosario Resendez

 I have several battery-operated candles in my room that I use from time to time during prayer.   
   I prefer to use the real candle, but to prevent fires most of us have been slowly moving toward the battery-operated kind.  
   Like I said I have several of these battery operated candles as they seem to be a favorite gift to give to one another.   
   I have some of different sizes from tea lights to the bigger candles.   
   Some change colors as they are being used, others have pretty designs.   
   Some flicker like you would expect a real candle to and others just light up like a mini flash light.  
   At times  at night I light them up all over the room and turn off the room light.   
   This makes a beautiful, calming, prayerful atmosphere.  
   Once after prayer I turned the room light back on and went about turning off all my battery-operated candles and a couple of the old fashioned ones that I still have then I turned in for bed.   
   Just as I was about to drift off to sleep in my dark room I noticed there seemed to be a bright light on the far side of the room.   
   I looked and saw that I had left one of the smallest battery operated tea lights still on.   
   This little tea light gave off so much light that you would have thought I had left on a small torch.  
   As I got up to turn off the little tea light I thought about the saying about how the tiniest candle flame can chase away the dark.   
   That was exactly what this little tea light was doing.   
   Yes, it was battery-operated and as soon as the battery died it would go out, but at that moment it showed that no matter how much darkness was in my life it could not conquer a little light.  

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