"Trying to learn market direction" by: John Sample

   Well folks your next statement from your brokerage account should make you smile. 
   October proved to be a very good month. The various indexes are back above where they started the year. 
   We have made quite a comeback from the lows in August. 
   So, after the horrors of Halloween, you should have a day celebrating your new found wealth.
   I wish I could explain it. Not even the anniversary of Back to the Future 30 years ago provided any clue. 
   It does make one wonder though. We have been listening to all of the problems in the Middle East, the drop in natural resource prices and worries over the economy in China. 
   That is the short list. There has been little to boost confidence. 
   A simple explanation is that the “wall of worry” was just what the market needed.

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