"God will strenghten you when discouraged" by: Sister Maria del Rosario Resendez

   Previously I wrote how I was going to try to conquer my fears because fear keeps us from doing many things that we might want to do but won’t because we are afraid. 
   The two things I fear the most is driving in big cities or to places where I’ve never been before. 
   It doesn’t matter if I have a GPS or not, I like to have traveled to the location first before so I can have an idea of where I should be going. 
   The second and probably my biggest fear is snakes. 
   I don’t necessarily wish all the snakes in the world would die, I just wish I would never have to associate with them. 
   We can coexist as long as they coexist somewhere that is not close to me. 
   I took these fear to prayer one day and asked the Lord if He would help me overcome these fears as I feel like sooner or later they will become an obstacle in my ministry. 
   My spiritual director is in Sarita, which is about a two-hour drive from Victoria. 
   I volunteered to drive there knowing that God was going to help me with the drive. I got there and back without a problem. 

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