"Let God change same old story to new one" by: Betsy Monico

   It was brought to my attention last Monday night that we have a file with the propane company that has a special note attached to it. You might say we have a record. 
   You really might say that one of our dogs has a record because he bit one of the propane men on the backside. 
   I remember it like it was yesterday. I was too ashamed to even leave the back porch and walk across the yard to check on him. I just stood frozen and said sorry over and over again. 
   Sadly, our dog “Cottonwood” passed away years ago. He was a good one. 
   He is no longer around to stand guard for us, but he earned a reputation with the gas company.  I understand why. 
   If the propane man was looking for “the” dog when he came last Monday for a routine fill, he did not find him. 
   It was the same house, same address, but another story all together. 
   He did not meet Cottonwood. He met Bubs.
   Bubs is only a fighter/biter if you have four legs and run from him. Armadillos bring out the worst in him for sure; however, he pals around with humans and turns into a social butterfly when we have visitors. 
   When the propane man got back into his big truck to leave, he had a visitor riding “shotgun.” 

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