Council makes progress on Vision 2040

   City council had a productive session on the Vision 2040 plan last week, engaging in solid conversations on several elements of the proposal.
   “This is long-term work in how Bay City works,” Mayor Mark Bricker told council at the start of a special meeting on the 2040 plan. 
   Bricker gave council copies of “Bay City Works” that includes guiding principles, partnerships and a brief explanation of how to make each part of the 2040 a “well-functioning plan.”  
   The session was aimed at reviewing Bricker’s work and directing city staff in planning.
   An early discussion point focused on Bay City Community Development Corporation (BCCDC) can alert the city planning commission by identifying projects early on that will ultimately require planning commission review and approval. 
   “If BCCDC has something, the planning commission knows about it. We need to make sure there are no barriers between the two,” the mayor said.

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