"Make memories in deer season" by: Rob Murray

   We have waited all year and deer season is finally underway. 
   What stories and memories will we experience this year? 
   Will it be your first hunt? Are you going to enjoy taking your son or daughter out for their first hunt? 
   Are you an experienced hunter who just wants to commute with nature and fill the freezer with venison? 
   For all of us, deer hunting brings us back to our ancient hunting roots, allows us to share time in the outdoors in private introspection or to enjoy the camaraderie with our close friends and family. 
   According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, abundant rainfall increased natural plant forage and we can expect an increased deer population with increased antler growth. 
   So, the deer are out their in abundance and we can’t wait to get out there and have some fun. 
   But wait! Don’t be that guy or gal who has to pay the $500 fine for not following the rules! Know before you go!! 
   The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has an awesome website: http://tpwd.texas.gov that will guide you to the rules and regulations, licensing, and maps to public and private hunting lands. 
   In Matagorda County, deer hunting is available on private property and by drawn hunts on public land. 
   If you are looking for a guided hunt, Coastal Wings Guide Service and Reel Rush Charters both offer reasonably priced professional guided hunts for trophy deer! 
   The deer season won’t last long, so get out there, and make some memories! 


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