"Design trends" by: Zeinab Ghais

   As fall draws near we begin to get ready for the upcoming holiday season.  
   As a designer and decorator, this is the busiest time of the year for me.  
   For the last month, I have been working with some clients on getting their homes finished in time for Thanksgiving and then there are those who are booking to decorate for Christmas.
   It does take time to get it all together, especially if there is construction and furniture being bought.  
   I have to say that I love the transformation that takes place! Optimism is in the air this holiday season. 
   There is an expansion of festive colors and a proliferation of metallics.  
   If you are ready to change it up this season then consider some of these trends. 
   For a contemporary twist, Yellow is the main hue for Christmas. Yellow implies confidence and pairs well with white, silver, gold or black. 
   Traditional winter motifs blended with yellow create a fresh and modern look.  
   If you are in the mood for subtle and soft for the holiday, the trend is traces of warm pinks, ivory and beige with warm, dark neutrals and metallics.  
   Pearls are hot right now, while additional touches include sequins, burn-out velvet and mercury glass accessories decorated with gemstones and pearls.  
   Looking for a merry and bright look? Then yellow and pink take center stage.  
   Red is not too far behind. You will find playful shapes mimicking childlike patterns.  
   Ornaments include shapes of trees, cars, deer and owls.  
   If you are want to stick with a snowy white look, then these crisp colors and layers consist of snowflake crystals, as well as pine cones, birch-bark trees, berries and leaves coated with thin layers of frost.
   The possibilities are endless and don’t limit yourself.  
   For more ideas, stop by Studio ZG and see what we are doing for the holiday season! 
   1820 7th St. Bay City, Texas.

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