Discovered remains believed to be girl missing for 25 years

   The remains of a 15-year-old El Campo girl missing since 1990 were found in northwest Matagorda County near the Wharton County line last week. 
   The remains are believed to be that of Rosemary Diaz, who was abducted from the Dane Country Store in Danavang, Nov. 24, 1990, said Matagorda County Sheriff Skipper Osborne . 
   Sheriff’s deputies from Wharton and Matagorda counties, Texas Rangers and members of Texas Equusearch searched for the body in an area north of Clemville Tuesday, Nov. 24. 
   The girl had gone missing 25 years to the day. 
   “We believe it to be her,” Osborne said, but quickly added that DNA and other tests of the remains would be necessary before a positive identification was made. 
   Sgt. Randy Worthey, Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigator, was contacted by Captain Raymond Jansky of the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office finding human remains near the county line .   
   Wharton County Sheriff’s Office has worked a missing person case on Rosemary Diaz since 1990 and recently received new leads in the case.   
   Those leads took them to where the remains were found.   
   The remains were excavated with the cooperation of Texas Equusearch, Texas Rangers, Wharton County Sheriff’s Office and Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office.   
   The remains - collected and taken to the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office and entered into evidence - will be sent to North Texas University for examination and identification.

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