Lassy: New way to locate missing children

   Hoping to give local parents a little more peace of mind, Van Vleck ISD Superintendent John Obrien is recommending they try a new national program that aims to help find missing children even more quickly than the national Amber Alert system.
   The Lassy Project allows parents to set up their own network of trusted friends and family who would receive immediate emergency notice if a child goes missing. 
   This differs from the well-established Amber Alert system in that parents can activate it privately rather than waiting for a government agency to send an alert to an entire community.
   “It can take 3-12 hours or more for an Amber Alert to go out to an entire area, but this system can send a message out immediately and friends and family can start looking for the child right away,” Obrien said.
   “It’s basically the 21st Century Version of Amber Alert.”

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