"We should stand out like the cardinal, offer hope" by: Betsy Monico

   I will continue on this week with some more deer hunting observations and call it part two. 
   Last week I shared an account of how I followed my hubby through the mud to get to and from the deer stand out in the boonies.  
   He led me there safely because he knew the path well. 
   He helped me make it back to the car in the dark without harm, reassuring me often that he had a gun if anything scary jumped out of the woods. 
   I drew a connection between following my husband on the hunt and following the Lord in my life. My hubby knew the route way better than I did. 
   I was wise to stay a step behind him. Likewise, the LORD knows the route in life we should take way better than we do too….obviously! 
   He created us. He created the world we live in.  We are way better off when we let the LORD lead and we follow. 
   The best part of my deer hunting excursion was when we first got in the stand and I discovered all of the birds surrounding us. I am a bird nerd! 

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