"Stone loved hats from her 1st Easter bonnet" by: Donnye Stone

Bay City Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Donnye Stone, in this photo and others of her on this page, shows off three of the hats she donated for the Black HIstory Month exhibit under way at Matagorda County Museum.

 When I was growing up in Bay City as a Child, in the traditional Black Church, the men wore suits and ties; the Women wore Dresses, Stockings/Hoses and “Hats.” 
   Now I truly loved and admired all the “Hats” that consisted of different colors, different shapes and different sizes. 
   I remember as a little girl for Easter, my Mom would buy us our Easter Dresses and buy us our little Easter bonnets (“Hats”). I would be so excited, just smile and feel real pretty. 
   I decided when I grew up and became a woman, I would wear “Hats.” 

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