Andy Hawkins’ life filled with achievements

Andy Hawkins

   EDITOR’S NOTE: I chose to do a Black History Month feature on Anthony “Andy” Hawkins mainly because I believed he was an outstanding native son who excelled in many sports - beyond his impressive professioonal football career - and made a lasting mark on the people he worked with at Celanese and the people he served in so many civic activities.
   Hawkins died last October at the age of 57.

   When Andy Hawkins first ran for Bay City council in the spring of 1998, he told a reporter asking about his campaign that he wanted openess in city government.
   Hawkins also noted a fundamental campaign point was asking why - often if need be - to get at a problem.
   A cousin of the Hawkins family, Vera Petteway-Nyormoi noted the long roots Andy’s family has in Matagorda County.
   “The Hawkins family are cousins. Fred Hawkins and my father, Otis Petteway, were first cousins...the children of Petteway siblings,” Petteway-Nyormoi said.
   “Andy Hawkins was the son of Bessie Hawkins Times, who was the daughter of Fred Douglas Hawkins, who was the son of Shadrach (mostly called Shed or Shedrick) Hawkins and Bettie Petteway Hawkins.  

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